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  • Spunk - Fast As I Can (Great Big Sea)
  • Draize Eye Test - Breathe (After Forever)
  • Gearbox - Trampoline (Potbelly)
  • Raquel Hoekman - She's Like The Swallow (trad.)
  • Quel Bruit - Perpetrator (Schizoid)
  • Dog Meat BBQ - Freedom To Freak Out (Peter Narvaez)
  • Fur-Packed Action - Dance of the Flaming Assholes (Dog Meat BBQ)
  • Drive - Division (Bung)
  • Ritche and the Ravens - Babylon Mall (Wonderful Grand Band)
  • Gravel Pit Campers - Beggar's Blues (TNT)
  • Trimmed Naval Beef - Crash and Burn (Thomas Trio & Red Albino)
  • Hung Up - Bubblegummer/King of Atlantis (Sterlingslacks)
  • The Planks - Uncle Harry's Out of Shape (Rufus Guinchard)
  • Lizband - Curve of Heaven (Mike Wade)
  • Astroglossa - Shock Absorber (Peter Francis Quinlan)
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Various Artists - Cover Story

- ALICE is one year old! Happy birthday to ALICE! To celebrate, Newfoundland's premier rock record label is releasing COVER STORY ; the best damn compilation you've ever heard!

- COVER STORY contains fifteen of Newfoundland's best bands covering the songs of other Newfoundland bands. Every song is a classic of Newfoundland music, some familiar, some obscure, and every band has put their own unique stamp on their performance. What results is a truly innovative collection of styles, spanning punk, ska, rock, blues, funk, rap, industrial, and more!

- Recorded and mixed in just 14 days by Tom Ronan, COVER STORY is independent music at its most vital. The quality of the performances is breathtaking; some of these interpretations completely outdo the original versions; this is a snapshot of one of the most vibrant music scenes in Canada.

"Each song is played with such vigor and zest that you know it is coming from within. From start to finish this is a fast paced, energetic album. Definitely a 'must-hear'." - atlantic gig, may 99

"Brilliant concept: the ultimate tribute album. All in all a worthwhile investment." - what's going on, apr. 99

"The stylistic variety here should shatter any fiddles and spoons stereotypes." - the record, may 99

Recorded and mixed by Tom Ronan
except "Shock Absorber" recorded and mixed by Don Ellis
© 1998 Alice Productions
Executive producers: Adam Staple & Chris Batstone

last updated Monday, September 13, 1999